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“Creating an online tool that aims to make knowledge contained in academic articles easily accessible to the general public”, this will be the title of my bachelor thesis. The last semester of my three year bachelor study Information Sciences at the ‘Vrije Universiteit’ is partly devoted to doing research and writing a thesis.

This thesis marks the end of my Bachelor’s programme in Informatie, Multimedia & Management (Information Sciences). During this project, i am required to produce an independent piece of work that addresses a topic of choice within the domain of Information Sciences. I will design and complete a research project from beginning to end; this includes both theoretical and empirical work.

The objective of the Bachelor Project IMM is to gain skills required to perform a research project. In this course, i will define a research question and develop a research design. I will describe my findings in a research paper and present the work in a poster presentation and an oral presentation.

I am really excited about this last big project, with this project we students get a lot of freedom and the sky is the limit. It is also possible to apply the theoretical knowledge that i have gained in the past 2,5 years in practise.

The assignment that i will be working on is about macro research in micro papers. A more detailed decription about this is that scientific publications are written by academics for academics. They are long, detailed and use a language and terminology that aims for precisions instead of readability. While academic readers do not mind, outsiders and in particular practitioners are not inspired to make the effort to read them. This hinders the potential impact that scientific research can have, should practitioners know about it.

To address this problem we want to create a web portal that gathers the �essential� information about scientific publications, in a short, compact and readable format that a layperson can understand and appreciate.�

The solution we are working on is designing and developing a website that aims at simplicity. It will be structured according to a taxonomy of the essential information gathered from scientific papers.

Again, i am really excited to start working on this project and hope to share more information soon.


I finished this project and is was graded with an 8.5
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