Travel plans – Part 2

They say planning is half the fun and i couldn’t agree more! I already had a vague plan of where i wanted to go during my travels this autumn but last week i finalised the route and drew out the flights on a map. I just bought most of the 9 (!!) tickets needed during the trip, so now we are definitely going! The basic idea i had when planning this trip was to visit some paradise like surf spots. During my youth i’ve always surfed during the summer for the majority of time but never outside outside Europe. Surfing these paradise like breaks is some kind of bucket-list dream for me that has been on the back of my head for a long time. I’ve seen so many pictures from these magical coastlines with beautiful breaks. Morocco and Indonesia fit in perfectly for this description, so i started with these 2 locations as a basis for planning out the trip. From there on i just looked up some places that seem to be fun and nice to go to and inserted them into the route. Besides the surf-plans i’m planing to not plan to much (Hah) and just see what ever i run into.

I think it is good to step a little bit outside my comfort zone and just go nowhere without a structured plan, when you expect nothing anything can happen! I do have some goals that i want to complete during the trip. The first one is to finance the trip with online work during the trip, with a strong background in web development i think there are enough opportunities but it is still exciting to see if this will actually work. The second goal is to surf a wave in the ‘tube’. I’ve never managed this before and as this trip will be a true surfsafari this goal needs to be on the list. The next goal is to visit at least 3 countries i’ve never been to, with the current route i’ll even make 4 (Marocco, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand)! A last goal for me is also to use this trip to take a step back and think about what kind of career i want to work towards. My university life will be over and from this summer the world lies at my feet. With my educational background and experience there are enough possibilies with each their own pros and cons. So this break between the end of my student life and the start of my work life will be good to create some long-term plans for the years that follow.

Most inspiration for finding these locations comes from NomadList, this is a website created by a guy named Pieter Levels. I’ve been following him and some similar people for some time now and the livestyle that they are living is a real inspiration for me, i promised myself that i at least have to give this a try once. Also the (dutch) book thuisblijvenisduurder(.com) by author Jelmer de Boer has been a huge inspiration for this trip. They way my generation will work in the future will be completely different then the way it was before. With the growth of the internet and automation, cities becoming more expensive and traveling more cheap more and more young people will choose the digital nomad life in one form or an other. Working from 9-5 in some grey office while paying outrages prices for housing and living isn’t sexy anymore and the alternatives are much more appealing. This is also a big motivation for me to give this digital nomad life a shot and see what results it will bring me.

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