The beauty of university Rowing

There is something remarkable about the combination of rowing and academics. Ask a rower how they manage to study and train and they will tell you that the two complement each other. Studies demand focus of the mind and athletics demand focus of the body, the two harmonize together to create the ultimate profile: a university rower. Some might argue that one takes away from the other, not allowing a person to fully devote their attention to either. But, just as in rowing, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and university rowing adds to the wholeness of the student.

Rowing is a sport that honors the desire for competitive arousal. Some sports have found fairness in the chaos of moments, others in the blaze of brilliance. But in rowing it is found in exactitude and the coherence of the crew. Mastering the sport means beating hours and hours on your craft in order to virtue the perfect swing. However, out of this early practice comes that transcending harmony in which the sum of the crew becomes more than its parts.

It can sometimes be difficult because rowing is very time consuming, but it definitely motivates me to set a schedule for myself everyday of what I need to get done to stay on top of my work. With such a dense training schedule it is necessary to also create a structured way to finish all your academic work. The structure of rowing translates to structure in your academic life.

The skills necessary to being a successful university rower-´┐Żdedication, determination, teamwork, balance, time-management´┐Ż- are highly sought after skills in the job market For some, university opens the door to rowing opportunities. For others, it enables them to continue with their rowing experience and for a few it affords them with the chance to go to university. Being a student and a rower helps shape and influence the lives of young students. It comes at an important stage in life, often a time of exploration, of new experiences and of learning. There is little doubt that it is difficult and it is known to be time consuming, but it offers so much more than it takes away.

Rowing has transformed and defined my lifestyle beyond any sort of college experience. Besides the euphoria of victory, rowing has also reminded me how to lose. The need for dedication and passion in a sport that is rarely gratifying cannot be understated, and it has developed into a hunger for success.

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