Prototyping the refrigerator of the future

For one of the first courses of my masters track we got the assignment to prototype an intelligent interactive system with the goal to solve a real world problem. With my group we chose food waste as the problem and tried to create the refrigerator of the future that will solve the food waste problem.

Below are links to the complete report and a poster that was used to explain our research in short. But let me first give a short overview of this problem.

One major problem towards a more eco logically friendly lifestyle is food waste. An astonishing one third of all the food produced for human consumption ends up as garbage without being consumed, this is the world- wide average . This is a major issue and if food waste is reduced multiple problems in the world can be solved. We will focus on the development of a smart refrigerator that communicates with consumers about the contents of their refrigerator. The goal of this communication is to inform the consumer about when content expires in order to stimulate consumption before food has to be thrown away. The communication between the refrigerator and the user goes via LED lights on the shelfs of the refrigerator and push notifications to the user�s smart devices, the goal is the make the user aware of food that is about to go bad.

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