On Digital, a short summary

I just finished a short book called ‘On Digital’ written by OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea. This central theme in this book is Digital innovation, it gives some insights in how digitalizing your business is the only way to survive today, this is explained by the author as the ‘Digital or Die’ principle. Eventhough the book gives a mostly one-sided view on the topic it provides some interesting lessons. I will highlight some of the intereseting sections in this post.

The digital mindset
The digital mindset is the foundation for success in the digital world. The author introduces a new quotient besides IQ and EQ, the DQ or Digital Quotient. If you want to succeed with your business in the digital world employees will need to have this DQ. This DQ is explained in the digital mindset that includes 10 tenants:

  1. Immediacy
  2. Urgency
  3. Intuitive use
  4. Grabbing subscribers
  5. Scaling really fast
  6. Redefining business models
  7. Creating a sense of community
  8. A journey based approach
  9. Always on
  10. Omni-present data

When these principles are applied you will be ahead of the game. To digitalize or not to digitalize is not the question. There is no question.

The book is called ‘On Digital’ written by Mark J Barrenechea and you can download it here.

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