New website new beginning

My personal background
Since 2012 i have been building websites, in the beginning mostly for my self but later on also websites for other customers. Then when i was in my 5th year of high school i partnered up with a friend to start a serious business in webdesign, that time i just turned 17 years old. In first year of our partnership this was a huge succes, we acquired more projects then we could finish and we learned a lot on how to manage these software project. One and a half year later when we both graduated high school and started our university studies in different cities our partnership slowly faded away, we didn’t have the opportunity to have weekly meetings and work on our projects and all the activities in our business started to come to a stop.

Acquiring new skills
Around the same moment that our business was slowing down i started my university studies in Amsterdam. Here i came in touch with some interesting people. I learning a lot of new skills and could put them directly into practice. This first year in university was an exiting time and my knowledge on creating stuff online expanded rapidly. I was determent to acquire as much the skills and experience needed to become a single-man company: design, UX, front-end and back-end, i wanted to know it all.

What is next?
I think i learned a lot the last years and it is now time to take the next step. With this new beginning i will start building to a professional company that can support all types of projects in the online domain. I am looking forward to be presenting new results and help my customers in the best way i can.

Social media
With all the different channels of social media, i like to focus on using only one. Since i�ve lots of experience with all the major mediums i can comprise them and outweigh the pros and the cons of each platform. My personal favorite medium is twitter, i like this SNS because it is fast and displays the information you want to see. I can follow profiles of people that i think are interesting and communicate with them about various subjects. You can reach a wide audience and is has less clutter than e.g. Facebook.


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