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Introduction to lightweight rowing

Just like in some other sports, the sport of rowing was a lightweight and an open weight class. The open weight class is accessible for rowers of all weight and the lightweight class has some restrictions. The restrictions in the lightweight class are not very complicated. The most important to remember is the crew average, for men this average has to be 70 kg or less and for women this average has to be 57kg or less. The second rule is that there also is an individual max weight, for men this is 72,5 kg and for women this is 59 kg. As you can imagine calculating the average crew weight for an eight or a four can become quite complicated to do from memory. My own experience is that this can cause stress-full situations moments before the weigh in of the regatta. Although this is not a very complex calculation there was no tool available to quickly calculate the crew average and eliminate miscalculations that can occur when you are calculating from memory.

What does Instatera do?

Instatera can be used to quickly check the average weight for all types of lightweight crews. The one thing the user has to do is fill in the individual weights and instatera will respond with a message whether or not the crew has passed the weigh in. The app will tell you by what margin the crew has passed or failed and this can be used by the rowers to know if they have margin to eat or drink something. The main goal of instatera is to eliminate last minute stress by the crew before the weigh in.

Use the app

Instatera can be found on the domainĀ

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