EasyTravelShare on Producthunt

EasyTravelShare lets you create a personal travel one-page blog in just a minute! You can use this to keep your friends and family up-to-date about your travels. No coding required and works with all kinds of cool features out of the box!
I created EasyTravelShare because i wanted a product that works like it. An easy to use blog from where i can keep my friends and family up to date about my travels. In just one page your visitors can see where you are in the world and what you are up to. I’m looking forward to collecting your thoughts on this product lets you create your own blog in just 1 minute! This will allow you to share your experiences while traveling with your friends and family. The example profile shows how your page could look.

👋 In the left collumn you can add an introduction to your trip. This part of the page will also show some details and statistics for your profile.

📝 The middle collumn shows your blog updates. While on the road you can easily create, edit and delete these posts. Just add a title, image and some text to let everybody know how you are doing!

🌍 The right collumn shows an overview of all the places you plan to visit. When you add the expected arrival dates this timeline will update automatically. Your friends and family can see in a glance where you are

The next step is to create your personal page today!