Daily routine in Canggu

In this post i want to give some insight in the daily routine that i’ve found for myself here in Canggu. During my time in Bali i’ve traveled around for the first weeks and decided that the last week i’ll stay in Canggu to surf and get some work done. In this post i want to show that its possible to live like a kind for cheap in this town while also maintaining some sort of routine to not float away to much into the holiday vibe. Lets get started.


00:00 Every day starts ofcourse at midnight in your bed, i’m staying in The Hide hostel aproximatly 2km from the beach. The price for one night here is 109k rp (€6,30), this includes a small breakfast.

I dont go to bed very late so i mostly wake up at 6:30 in the morning. The next thing i do is brush my teeth and change into surf outfit (shorts and a shirt). Then i fill my water bottle, apply sunscreen and ride the scooter (rented for 40k rp or €2,30  a day) to the beach. After parking i meet my friend from the surfboard rental-shop, we take a look a look at the waves and i pick a board to rent for the next two hours (50k rp or €2,90). Then i surf for ~2 hours (best part of the day).



When i’m getting hungry around 9:00 i return the surfboard and drive back to the hostel for a good breakfast, the Smoothie Bowl (19k or €1,10) or Veto (24k or €1,39) are my favorites.



After a good breakfast and shower i’ll grap my backpack and drive the scooter to the Dojo co-working place, this is a place where there is fast-wifi, power and good coffee with the right atmosphere to get some work done. Access to this place is for members only and for one week of internet-access i paid 800k rp or €46,50 which is €6,65 daily. I mostly work here for around 4 to 5 hours a day with a lunch break in between.



For lunch and often also dinner i choose to go to the local warungs (local restaurants) to get some take-away Nasi Campur for ~20k rp or €1,16 per meal. In my opinion this is the best food you can get and also very cheap.



After lunch and working i go back to the hostel and chill by the pool for some time with a nice fresh fruit smoothie (15k or €0,87). Some days i go for a second surf session combined with watching the sunset or i just hang out with friends at the hostel. At night we sometimes go to the local bar ‘Old mans’ where a beer will cost me 30k or €1,74 but most nights its just hanging out by the pool at the hostel and playing cards.


And that’s about it! So a short overview of the costs for an avarage day of surf and work in Canggu looks like this:

    • Hostel €6,30
    • Scooter €2,30 + ~€4 on gas a week
    • Surfboard €2,90
    • Breakfast €1,10
    • Lunch €1,16
    • Dinner €1,16
    • Smoothie €0,87
    • Beer €1,74
    • Other food ~€2
    • Dojo €6,65


  • Total: ~ €25



This sums up to around €750 a month and if you stay in bali on a two month visa and find a flight of around €500 (check on how to do this). The total costs for a two month surf and work escape to paradise are €2000. Around the same you would spend on two boring rainy months in Amsterdam. Conclusion: Thuisblijven is duurder (Staying home is more expensive).


This post is inspired by @levelsio and @jelmerdeboer, thanks for showing what is possible guys.