A week of rowing in Spain

To escape the dutch winter with all its ice, wind and cold a couple of crews from my student rowing club, including the crew that i am part of decided to fly to Spain for a week of rowing in pleasant weather. On Saturday we traveled from Amsterdam to Banyoles in Spain. The city of Banyoles is located next to the lake where during the Olympic games of ’92 the rowing tournament was organized.

We stayed in an house that was located not more a hundred meters from the place where we could enter the water with our boats. The house where we stayed served three meals each day that are all adapted to match with the diet of a rower.

The only thing that we had to do was following the following cycle: sleep – eat – row – repeat. We trained two times each day, with the first training at 10am and the second training at 4pm. Breakfast, lunch and diner was served at 8am, 1pm and 7pm, perfectly between our training sessions. This created a environment that allowed us invest 100% of our time and energy in the training session’s for a whole week.

During this week we made incredible progress with our rowing technique and the functioning of our crew as a whole. It was one of the most fun and productive weeks i’ve had in my career as a rower.

Now it is important that we take the lessons learned here in Banyoles back to Amsterdam and build further on them. We made a lot of progress but we are certainly not there yet. In order to complete our goals for this season, it is essential that we keep improving and practicing.

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