Nothing comes for free.

A new website is often a large investment but if designed correctly, it can be a multiplication factor for your entire business. The better the website's design, the more value you can create from each marketing campaign and each visitor that comes to your website. It is important to remember that a good website does not necessary need to be the most expensive website. Each website is unique for it's own purpose and target audience.

Corporate hourly rate: €45,00
Student2student hourly rate: €22,50

The student2student hourly rate is my personal initiative for all students that has their own business. I really like it when students, just like me run their own business besides their university courses and i want to support them. Because i've learned from my own experience that living on your own and studying is quite expensive i will apply a halved hourly rate for fellow students that let me build their new website.

Indication of total costs

The table below is intended to give an indication of the total cost for different types of projects. The prices are bases on the corporate hourly rate. Please note that these are just examples, each project is unique and we will always discuss how to approach the project.

Project typeEstimated timeEstimated price*
Basic website/blog with CMS6 - 10 hours€270 - €450
Advanced website/blog with CMS10 - 20 hours€450 - €900
Basic website/blog with CMS and webshop14 - 22 hours€630 - €990
Advanced website/blog with CMS and webshop22 - 30 hours€990 - €1350
* Prices are ex VAT and serve as an indication for you, no rights can be derived from this table.